Within the new 2015 A level Psychology specifications 10% of the marks available will be for assessment of mathematics (in the context of psychology) at a Level 2 standard or higher (GCSE level).  Lower level mathematics may still be assessed, but will not count towards the 10%.

The following link will take you to the OFQUAL document which lays out the mathematical requirements in Psychology; it is in appendix 6d.

This document needs to be read in conjunction with the relevant Awarding Body Specifications.

This new requirement is a concern for many teachers; either because they are worried about how to support lower level students or not confident about their own subject knowledge in this area.

Don’t worry the ATP is here to help:- will put you in direct contact with a member of our committee who will try and answer any of your maths in Psychology questions.

We also recommend the following text books and websites: –

Coolican H (2014) Research Methods and Statistics in Psychology ISBN: 978-1444170115

Clegg F (1983) Simple Statistics: A course book for the Social Sciences  ISBN: 978-0521288026