Committee Members & Officers

Chair: Helene Ansell

Helene Ansell

Helene has taught Psychology for 20+ years starting in the days when we did 5 pieces of coursework as part of the A level, consequently she has seen many changes to the A level specifications. Before this she had many years’ experience as PE teacher in an inner city secondary school in the south of England.  Currently she is Head of a very large Department at the Chetwynd Centre in Stafford and runs the Staffordshire Psychology Teachers Network. For many years she was involved in ITT for Psychology trainees at Keele University both as a partner school and for 3 years as the psychology link tutor for the AT’s at the University itself. At present she has close links with Keele and Derby Universities where she is often found with her students involved in many stretch and challenge activities or just helping her students transition to HE.   On a personal note Helene is passionate about Athletics and while no longer in training as an athlete she does enjoy training at the Gym to de-stress from the classroom.

Deputy Chair: Laura Quaife

Laura Quaife teaches Psychology A level at a 6th form College in Greater Manchester.  She has taught Psychology for 7 years and she has worked in sixth forms for 13 years in various careers departments and completed her post 16 PGCE part time whilst managing the college Careers Service. On a personal note, Laura likes to spend time with her husband and young son as well as friends. She enjoys walking and helping out at the allotment which she shares with her mum.

Treasurer: Deb Gajic

Deb GajicDeb Gajic is the ATP Treasurer and a Chartered Psychologist. She is Head of Psychology at The Polesworth School. On a personal level she enjoys travel, shopping, wine and Zumba. She also enjoys spending her time with her family (husband Nik and two grown up daughters, Sophie & Emily and, of course, Colin the cat). Professionally she is interested in active learning techniques, coaching to improve teaching and developing psychology as a science. She occasionally pops up in Onlineclassroom DVDs.

Secretary: Morag Williamson

Morag Williamson Morag Williamson is ATP Secretary. She teaches psychology at West Lothian College and Edinburgh Napier University; she is a former Principal Assessor for SQA Higher and Intermediate Psychology, and a Higher Psychology textbook author. Her special interests are developmental psychology, research methods and data analysis in psychology, and learning, teaching and assessment in the social sciences. Active in ATP Scotland, she represents the Scottish branch on the Board of EFPTA (the European Federation of Psychology Teachers’ Associations). Sunny days will find her out hill walking, or visiting ancient stones, preferably rounded off with an evening of live jazz.

Helen Gibb

Helen Gibb is currently Head of Psychology and Sociology at The Bland ford School in Dorset. She is also a member of the sixth form management team in her role as Achievement and Attainment Co-ordinator. The school environment is relatively new to Helen as most of her 23 years in education have been spent teaching psychology in the college sector. Her academic interests, lie mainly within social psychology with particular focus on in and out group behaviour in its many guises. This is linked to a lifelong passion for the promotion of equality of opportunity, having served on a number of equal opportunity committees and working parties. Helen enjoys walking and cycling, and she has something of a  reputation amongst her friends for hosting never to be forgotten parties.

Wendy Wood

wendywood Wendy is getting on and has taught psychology since the days when there was virtually no one to teach psychology (ten practicals was it?!). She is currently teacher in charge of psychology at St. Anthony’s Girls’ Catholic Academy in Sunderland. When I am not at work I enjoy spending time with my family, climbing mountains, playing music in a community band and, more recently, growing vegetables in our allotment.

Harriet Ennis

Harriet Ennis has been Head of Psychology for 12 years at Bootham School in York. Her school is a Quaker co-ed Independent School where she also teaches Biology 11-18 and co-runs Thinking Skills. She runs psychology workshops and events for students across the city of york as part of the operational steering group for the UKs most successful Independent-State Schools Partnership. She has a keen interest in eco-travel – from a sabbatical year in Sri Lanka to leading her school towards their third EcoSchools ‘green flag’ award. She enjoys time spent with her lovely husband and daughter Phoebe age 3.  She notices a recurring wine appreciation theme amongst some of the other ATP committee members – and agrees – especially if washed down by an inspiringly good ATP conference.

Jock McGinty

Jock McGinty is Head of Psychology and Head of Sixth Form at Watford Grammar School for Boys. Originally trained as a PE and Science teacher, he has taught Psychology for 15 years and also teaches AS level Economics. He is an experienced  A-level examiner and is a Psychology CPD consultant with the National Science Learning Centre; he is also a regular speaker at the ATP conference.  He holds an MSc in Teaching of Psychology from Glyndwr University and co-authored a paper on pedagogical action research with a focus on the use of Psychology Applied Learning Scenarios (PALS) in the pre-tertiary classroom, published in the Winter 2014 edition of Psychology Teaching Review. Jock is interested in performance psychology and positive psychology and is currently researching the role of character strengths in student satisfaction and academic success with the aim of one day turning it into a PhD. When not involved in things Psychology and teaching, Jock enjoys spending time with his wife and three young boys and cycling in the Czech Republic.

Sam Shaw

Sam Shaw teaches Psychology A level at the Royal Alexandra and Albert School, a state run boarding school in Surrey.  He has been teaching for four years and has been involved in the Sixth Form team for the past two, this year taking on the role as Acting Head of Sixth Form.  His interests are in applying psychology to studying techniques and implementing these into post-16 education, both in terms of studying and in daily life.  In his spare time he enjoys men’s fashion, tennis and golf.

Punam Farmah

I currently teach at Oncampus Coventry where I am part of the humanities and business teams, helping to deliver a level three programme. I am also responsible for a Masters Qualification module and have recently taken up a role that ensures supporting students with additional support needs. I have been teaching for nearly seven years, and during that time have taught Psychology, Sociology, health and social care as well as Religious Education. I am keen allotmenter, a trained listener and very much interested in improving awareness of mental health concerns.

Ann Skinner

Ann Skinner remembers when Psychology teaching involved teaching the ten practicals, then four, then two and, ultimately, only one. Now there is no assessed practical work and she regrets the loss of practical application of Psychology, being rather glad to have retired from full time teaching.

Although retirement has not meant the loss of stress imagined, with all the development of the new specifications at A level plus the examining that she does. She first studied Biology at University and went on to achieve a Psychology degree through the OU followed by a M.Ed. specialising in gender studies and the effect of sport on female education. She wrote the resource for ASAB, using birds in science education.

Travel is a love for her and her husband especially with a bird flavour, and they have visited Madagascar several times with students, with a focus of helping a village close to the famous Baobab avenue called Marofandilia.

Since she has joined the committee she has been involved in the issue of transition to HE and is currently helping on the membership team.

Finally ‘baby’ sitting keeps her young, at least at heart even if not in body!


Kevin Silber

Biography coming soon!


Helen Kitching: Conference Organiser

Helen Kitching is a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society.  She is Honorary Treasurer of the Division of Academics, Researchers and Teachers in Psychology (DART-P) for the BPS and ATP representative on the Standing Committee for Pre-Tertiary Education (SCoPTE) of the BPS.  She has mentored many teachers new to GCSE psychology across the South East and whilst coursework existed she was an internal moderator. She recently won an LSIS research grant and undertook research into engaging male learners with the use of technology. When not teaching, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two young children, writing Romance novels, travel, reading chic lit and crime novels and working as a Freelance Photojournalist.  Helen has just completed a Master’s degree in Health Psychology. She is interested in transition between pre-tertiary and higher education in psychology and co-authored a paper looking at these issues which is being published in the Autumn 2013 edition of Psychology Teaching Review.

The next ATP committee meeting is:

24th September 2016 – Carrs Lane Church Centre, Carrs Lane, Birmingham

14th January 2017 – Carrs Lane Church Centre, Carrs Lane, Birmingham

6th May 2017 – Carrs Lane Church Centre, Carrs Lane, Birmingham

AGM at Keele University, Saturday 8th July 2017


If you would like to join the Committee then please complete the 2017 Nominations Form for submission at the AGM on Saturday 8th July 2017, Keele University.  Download the form here.